My First Post Ever..!!!

Since past few months; I have been constantly thinking of what am I doing in this shitty 8 to 5 job thing(actually it’s never 8 AM to 5 PM, rather 8 AM -10 PM almost everyday). Am I really meant for this?? In this era of Entrepreneurship and start – ups budding everywhere; why am I here?? Did God send me to Holy earth for this purpose? “NO”….. my HEART shouted…… I was meant for something big, different, something which no one has ever done, something — I don’t know what, but SOMETHING..!!! Then my BRAIN said calmly, “OK, good, fine, I know you are a hidden gem, not found yet by anyone. But its late now, you should sleep, wake up in the morning and we will plan something New & Exciting for you.” And I felt full of enthusiasm and adrenaline rushing through my veins, but since it was too late, so listening to my BRAIN (as it has actually got brains and you should listen to it quite often) I slept with a smile on my face and a content in my heart.

Next morning, alarm ringing — snooze, alarm ringing — snooze, alarm ringing — “Ok…., WHAT it’s 7:00 AM, God it’s already late. Thoughts coming to the mind, “stop dreaming at night; this 8 – 5 job thing is the one that pays your monthly bills and maintains your lifestyle and nothing else. So here I am again back to the same cycle; Wake up – Office – Dinner – Sleep.

Where is the lifestyle that you are talking about; is this cycle that you follow called a lifestyle? Is paying bills the only motive left in your life? Is your loyalty program with this office that is all you have got? What about you, your family, friends, kids who you are never there for when actually needed. I really don’t know. I know that ‘Money’ is ‘The King’ these days, you cannot deny the fact but what about finding yourself and not finding how better your company performed this year, knowing who you are and not what your company stands for, what you like and not what your boss likes.

So, here I am, without a job that would have paid my bills, writing my first official blog with a content in my heart and all the adrenaline needed to fly high and touch the sky. Also with a vision to find my self through my work and may be pay the bills later…!!!

So, this is Ya-mee-jaa signing off with a hope to soar high with my words…. Bye..!!!


  1. Very well written yamz 👏👏actually we are running behind this 8-5 concept which is taught to us since childhood and this is what we have been seeing….i am sure most of us will teach the same concept to our kids 😞😞 i am glad of not being a part of this anymore and m sure wherever u vl go wtever u vl do in life will take you places 😊all the best sweetheart 👍👍😘😘

  2. Well written 👏👏keep it up👍.Whatever you do , do it with honesty and with great hard work and no one can stop you from reaching the satisfaction and success.

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